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Developing a fast dispense solution for Indian Lassi

Lassi small

Successfully researching & developing a fast dispense solution for an Indian “Lassi”.

Fizzbang Beverages were approached by a customer who had a dilemma with his hand-made Lassi (a type of frozen yoghurt made to the client’s secret recipes) it had proved so popular the restaurant were struggling to keep up with demand.

The mango and salted Lassi took around 20 minutes to prepare which meant critical down-time for staff. Once prepared it had to be served within 10 minutes or it would lose its consistency.

FB worked alongside the client and, after some careful research and testing, were able to adapt a machine that gave a perfect instant dispense with a 6 litre capacity of product.

This enabled the client to batch-produce the Lassi and also minimise wastage as the machine can keep the product in perfect condition for a week or more.

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