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What do you want to serve?

Soft Serve, Gelato, ThickShakes, Slushies, Frozen Cocktails & Mocktails?

At Fizzbang Beverages we have some fantastic products, including our own range of slush and mocktail syrups (Atomic Ice™), squashes & juices (Rejooced™) as well as ‘consumables’

To complement our own product range we have teamed up with some fantastic partners to bring you the very best in Ice-cream, iced-coffee, and alcoholic cocktails

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All our syrups are

BRC Food Certified

Why choose our syrups?

No AZO Dyes

None of our slush syrups contain any nasty AZO dyes ( linked to hyperactivity in children)

A healthier option

All our syrups are reduced sugar (below sugar tax threshold), only contain natural flavours and are CQUIN compliant.

Ethical Product Standard

Our best recipes

We work closely with our product development team to ensure our syrups are made using the best ingredients. Our syrups are suitable for use with all machines.

Custom make your own recipe

Do you have your own recipe? NPD – we can also help with any New Product Development requirements.


Atomic Ice

With a range of great flavours to choose from there’s no danger of your customers getting bored!

This is a quality product with great visual appeal that has been carefully developed for use in our equipment and to maintain its flavour, colour and consistency.

Unlike lesser products, your customers won’t be put off by nasty-looking deposits building up in the bowls or frosting on the outside of the machine

No artificial flavours, no Azo-Dyes and reduced sugar mean our products are the best on the market! With maximum product life and minimal cleaning schedules – what’s not to like?!!


Atomic Ice Cocktails

The popularity of frozen cocktails continues to grow and grow, the Fizzbang team have their own favourite recipes (Gin & Watermelon, Vodka & Blue Raspberry) but the combinations are as boundless as your imagination! Over the last few years the major pub chains have cottoned on to this; during the summer months various combos of slush and fruit cider have been THE big thing!

FizzBang Beverages offer ready-made syrups for cocktails; Strawberry Daiquiri and Margarita, Mojito, Passionfruit Martini and Blue Lagoon, as well as a vast range of regular flavours for you to mix it up!



ReJooced™ is our own brand of squash drink and comes in two variations.  Regular Rejooced™  is all natural flavours, reduced sugar and contains NO AZO dyes and comes in 4 great flavours –  Lemon & Lime, Summer Fruits, Orange and Blackcurrant, Apple and Tropical.

Then we have a fully school compliant range too, with a minium of 45% juice content which goes towards 1 of your 5 a day (220ml portion).  In 3 flavours – Orange, Tropical and Apple, this range of drinks has something for every for everyone!

Each 10L box of syrup will produce 100L of ready-to-drink squash, which equates to 502 7oz (small) cups!


Jersey Dairy products

Fizzbang Beverages  have teamed up with the renowned dairy producer , Jersey Dairy, to offer you their creamy, indulgent Jersey Gold Ice Cream.

Supplied in ready-to-use UHT form, simply open the carton and add to your Fizzbang machine for quality Gelato-style ice-cream!

Jersey Dairy Ice Cream

Icely Done

We are proud to work alongside our partners at Icely Done who manufacture and supply their own artisan frozen cocktails to well known bars, pubs and clubs as well as many UK festivals. All products are handmade in their SALSA accredited kitchen with fresh, natural ingredients – a balance of citrus, sugar and natural fruit. Just add booze and go!

Icely Done are able to provide equipment on a flexible short or long-term basis, for more details just click here.

Official Icely Done Partners

Can I use my own recipe?

The simple answer is yes! If you have your own-recipe product, or would like to create one, our team can help with expert advice & guidance on how to get the best out of our equipment. Here are some fantastic examples of what our customers have been serving:


Our client, Jo, had enjoyed a successful first year in business and was looking to broaden her range of ‘new-generation’ tea offers for 2020

Jo had the idea of turning her hugely popular (and highly secret!) recipe for Thai tea into a frozen beverage offer for spring & summer so contacted Beverage Genius after reading our blog about NPD

This was a challenge as Jo was very specific about making sure that the frozen product retained the unique flavours and subtlety of the original recipe

A little while later… et voila! A frozen tea, perfect in consistency and, most importantly, retaining the colour, character and sophistication of the original product.


FizzBangBeverages had an enquiry from an existing customer, a sports & leisure centre, who wanted to add an additional offer – vegan frozen yoghurt – to their cafe menu. The manager had his own home-made recipe and wanted to try it as a dispensed product. We developed it into a delicious and commercially viable beverage and it’s now one of the Cafes’ top-selling drinks!

Indian Lassi

FizzBang Beverages were approached by a restaurant owner who had a dilemma with his hand-made Lassi – it had proved so popular the restaurant were struggling to keep up with demand.

We worked alongside the client and, after some careful research and testing, were able to adapt a machine that gave a perfect instant dispense with a 6 litre capacity of product! This enables the client to batch-produce the Lassi and also minimise wastage as the machine can keep the product in perfect condition for several days.


FizzBang Beverages were asked to come up with something a little different for an outdoor bar.

After some fun experimentation with our machine, we created a frozen fruit cider.

These are great on their own, but really cool added to a pint as a “slush-topper!”.

Needless to say we’ve enjoyed creating some other variations (such as frozen craft beers).

If you’d like to add some fun frozen booze to your bar, get in touch!

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