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Soft Serve Ice Cream
Start serving soft-serve ice cream all year round with our special bundle offers!
the fab four

Choose from our range of affordable Ugolini soft-serve ice-cream machines, there’s a machine to suit all applications and budgets we also include delivery & training along with a generous free-stock bundle to get your sales off to the coolest start

Minigel 1

£1,699.99 ex VAT

Minigel 2

£2,749.99 ex VAT

Minigel 3

£3,749.99 ex VAT

Quickgel 3

£3,899.99 ex VAT

What's in the bundle

  • Soft Serve Machine Ice Cream Machine
  • Enhanced 24-month warranty
  • 4 x 12 litres of Jersey Dairy Gold ice-cream mix
  • 2 x packs of GB2 cones
  • A4 posters
  • roundel stickers
  • flag

Free stock bundle with returns of  over £1500

Soft Serve Ice Cream machine bundle point of sale
the big three

Choose from our range of Electrolux Professional soft-serve ice-cream machines. We include delivery, training and a 24 month on-site warranty for peace of mind! Plus our fabulous free-stock bundle so you can get serving straight away.  


£3,299.99 ex VAT

Karma Pump

£5,199.99 ex VAT

K-soft Pump

£3,849.99 ex VAT

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