Fizzbang Beverages Commercial Drink Machines

From Slush to Thick Shakes, Gelato to Juice, Coffee to Hot Chocolate - we've got you covered!

Fizzbang Beverages are UK partners with Ugolini so when you buy commercial drink machines from us you are getting the best equipment in the market along with the best backup & support too.

Our ‘Free-to-Own’ concept is unique within the frozen drinks industry.  It has all the advantages of a ‘Free-on-Loan’ scheme, but with the added benefit of being an easy and affordable route to owning your own machine.

Profits from day one with no capital outlay!

Twin Commercial Slush and Cocktail Machine

Slush and Cocktails/Mocktails

At Fizzbang Beverages we have a range of slush machines to suit every venue. From triple bowl units with a capacity of 30 litres to a single bowl 2.5 litre unit.  So whether you operate a major visitor attraction, a mobile catering unit or even want a machine for home use, we can meet your needs.

All our machines are simple to operate with mechanical or fully electronic controls.  Options include LED illuminated front panels and lids for increased visual impact to maximise impulse sales.

Take a look in the shop at the complete range, or get in touch with us and let us guide you through the choices.

Juice & Squash - Rejooced™

At Fizzbang Beverages we offer a range of equipment to dispense chilled juices and squash.  From a twin bowl machine that holds 16 litres (2 x 9L) of ready mixed squash, through to it’s big brother with 4 bowls and a total capacity of 80L!

For high demand venues where performance and reliability are key, we have the FJ4 which is a fully automatic, electronically controlled dispenser, serving up to 4 different flavours.

We can offer bespoke branding if required, as well as our own Rejooced™ branded machines to go with our own juice product range.

Take a look in the shop at the complete range, or get in touch with us and let us guide you through the choices.

Fizzbang BeveragesCommercial Juice Machine
Commercial hot chocolate machine

Hot drinks and sauces

If you are wanting a simple, easy to use solution for serving hot drinks, then Fizzbang Beverages have equipment to suit every outlet. We have easy to use machines that dispense powder based drinks, ideal for self-serve environments, through to eye catching luxury hot chocolate dispensers – ideal for adding some “pazazz” to your front counter!

Take a look in the shop at the complete range, or get in touch with us and let us guide you through the choices.

Ice cream and thick shakes

We at Fizzbang Beverages have a wide range of equipment for dispensing ice cream, sorbets, gelato, thick shakes and cold creams – in fact some of the machines will do all of this!  Starting with the 2.5L Icon machine, perfect for cold creams and iced coffee, then the MiniGel range with 6L bowls for ice cream, gelato and thick shakes, right up to the QuickGel that can serve up to 120 cones of ice cream per hour!  The MiniGel’s versatility is incredible – so many options with just one unit – you have to see it in action to believe it!

Take a look in the shop at the complete range, or get in touch with us and let us guide you through the choices.

Our best sellers

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Which machine should I buy?

At Fizzbang Beverages we are well aware that choosing a machine can be daunting so let us use our considerable knowledge and experience to help choose the right machine with a purchase solution that suits you

We believe that talking to our customers is the most important part of this process so we promise no-pressure guidance & advice; we’re nice people not sales people!

From small kiosks to major visitor attractions, Fizzbang have the right package for you.

Why choose our commercial drink machines?

Warranty included

All our equipment comes with up to 2 years warranty on parts and labour, so in the unlikely event of mechanical failure, you know you’re covered by a national service network.

Personalised service plans

At Beverage Genius™ we offer 3 year service plans to cover routine servicing and any maintenance or repairs over and above the standard warranty. This is available on all our machines and can be purchased for any equipment you already own, too.

Price match on Ugolini machines

We believe our equipment, warranty, service support and purchase options are second to none. If you see a better offer we will do our utmost to beat it – just get in touch!

Unique ownership options

We offer outright purchase, machine lease (via our leasing partner) and our unique ‘Free-to-Own’ scheme (for slush machines) – see our Ownership Options for full details – you won’t believe how easy it is!

Find out how much you could benefit
from our ownership options

At Fizzbang Beverages we know that owning your own equipment will yield significantly higher profits for you. It also gives you the freedom to choose the products that you want to dispense and not be tied by Free-on-Loan restrictions.

So, we have a number of routes to ownership that help you own your machine, including leasing and our unique Free-to-Own model.

Try using our calculator to see the benefits of ownership over traditional models – we think you’ll be surprised!