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Make Soft Serve Ice Cream, Gelato, Sorbets & Thick Shakes

NG 10/2 Electronic 20L Two Bowl Slush/Thick Shake Freezer


NG 10/3 Electronic 30L Three Bowl Slush/Thick Shake Freezer


NG 10/1 Electronic 10L Single Bowl Slush/Thick Shake Freezer


NG 6/1 Electronic 6L Single Bowl Slush/Thick Shake Freezer


NG 6/2 Electronic 12L Two Bowl Slush/Thick Shake Freezer


NG 6/3 Electronic 18L Three Bowl Slush/Thick Shake Freezer


ICON 2.8L Slush/Cold Cream Freezer with Recover Energy Bowl


ICON 5.6L Slush/Cold Cream Twin Bowl Freezer with Recover Energy Bowls


Minigel Plus-1 Single bowl 6l ice cream machine


Soft Serve Ice-Cream Machine With a Starter Bundle Of Free Stock


Minigel Plus-2 twin bowl 12l ice cream machine


Minigel Plus-3 triple bowl 18l ice cream machine


QUICK–GEL high volume ice cream machine


Buy High End Ugolini Commercial Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines

The FizzBang Beverage Co. is the sole UK partner for Ugolini ice-cream equipment, Ugolini are a world-renowned Italian manufacturer of quality equipment; their MiniGEL and PlusGEL machines are both affordable and innovative with a stylish high-end appearance, enabling them to fit in discreetly to any front-of-house.

These compact machines are incredibly versatile, able to dispense anything from a premium Italian gelato-style ice cream to an indulgent thick-shake.

At FizzBang we share a genuine passion and enthusiasm for Ugolini equipment; we honestly believe there is no other manufacturer who comes close to the MiniGEL and QuickGEL machines in terms of their versatility and tremendous value for money

The MiniGEL range starts at around £1,699.99 for the MiniGEL 1 ; a single bowl unit with 6 litres capacity (that’s a lot of ice-cream!) next up is the MiniGEL 2 ; the twin bowl version and finally the range-topping MiniGEL 3 triple bowl machine.

These robust and reliable machines really enable the user to let their creativity flow and are used by pop-up and street-food vendors, QSR’s, ethnic cafes and restaurants, coffee shops and ice-cream parlours.

Make Frozen Yoghurt, Thick Shakes and More With Our Flexible Frozen Drink Machines

We’ve seen our customers use our machines for many interesting and varied applications, here are some examples:

Mango & salted Lassi; A perennial favourite in Indian restaurants, this frozen yoghurt is batch-made and then transferred to the machine where it is kept at the perfect consistency ready for dispense – minimum fuss, minimum waste!

‘Snickers’ thick-shakes; A  creamy chocolate thick-shake, set to almost an ice-cream consistency then blended with a ‘Snickers’ bar! Ditto; Oreos, Crunchie bars, hob-nobs and more!

Gelato ice-cream, strawberry milk shake and a vegan frozen yoghurt… all from the same machine! The MiniGel 3 can do all this; A stiff, traditional gelato, a home-made strawberry milk shake and a vegan frozen yoghurt, simple to prepare  using Alpro and fresh or frozen fruit pieces.

Strawberry & banana smoothie; we’d love to tell you what’s in this but our customer will not divulge their secret recipe but, needless to say, it’s delicious!

The MiniGEL range can really liven up your menu; the only bounds are your creativity!

For those who want to serve larger volumes but are put off by the high and ambiguous pricing of other manufacturers, check out the Ugolini QuickGEL it has a pre-chilled hopper for rapid freeze down along with impressive capacity and versatility