Electrolux Karma Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Plus Stock Bundle With 9.3 Litre Capacity 150 Cones Per Hour – Pump Version


Karma Soft ice cream dispenser with 7Ll tank capacity and 2.3L cylinder volume, hourly production: 150 cones (70 gr) or 9 kg, pump version

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Pump Fed Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine With 9.3 Litre Capacity

Bundle Offer Includes:

Soft Serve Machine Ice Cream Machine
Enhanced 24-month warranty
4 x 12 litres of Jersey Dairy Gold ice-cream mix
2 x packs of GB2 cones
A4 posters
roundel stickers
Free stock bundle with returns of over £3000

Ideal for serving of soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt.

7L header tank capacity with 2.3L inside the freezing cylinder : 9.3L total capacity.

Hourly capacity: 150 cones (9 kg/h).

Defrost/night mode: to activate push on the key with the – symbol until all led lights are off. By this way temperature will settle at 0/+2°C and the product will remain fresh without getting stressed; turning on again the freezing system the product will be ready in a few minutes.

Minimum level warning light.

Customisable dispensing lever.

Small and silent machine.

Pump feeding system, to give greatly increased “overrun” and therefore maximise margins on product sales.

Stainless Steel panels.

Additional information




Black, Stainless Steel

Capacity (L)


Depth (cm)


Height (cm)


Weight (kg)


Power (w)



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